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The Story of My Mother: A Story of Strength, Resilience, Perseverance and Patience

Vitabu vya Sura za Kujiongoza


Kimeandikwa na Vincent Hope

This is a true life story of a son writing a book as a tribute to his living mother. This can be done by every daughter or son to his/her mother or father. On the other hand, people are always fascinated about real life stories, wanting to have insights about events that happen to individuals, about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them and see what lessons they can draw from them. This book does exactly that. It shows the strength, resilience and patience of woman who was both a mother and wife, and how she was able to navigate through the myriad of challenges she was confronted with and still remain standing today. The author writes about his mother. The story shows of her devotion, her faith, her challenges, her strength, her resilience and her patience. It is a story that gives hope, that no matter the odds you are faced with in life, with faith in God and perseverance you will surely overcome.