D-Siders: Season 01: Episode 48

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All Ethan can think about is sex. Annelie is still not ready. Now Ethan is threatening to get it elsewhere and Annelie is not happy about it. She doesn't understand why he cannot wait till she is ready. Meanwhile, in Jikavile, Teko wants proof that Olwethu is pregnant. How will she find the proof for Teko? Natasha asks Nigel the dreaded question. He seems to be holding back. Does he have a secret and will he share it with Natasha? On another side of town, Asanda is thinking of ways to get some money from Fikile. Is she going to use it to get an abortion? Elsewhere, Grace is at the real estate agency where Portia works. While she waits for Portia in her car, she sees Portia and Brain kissing. What will she do to Brain?