Likhalase tse khethehileng: Moqoqo ka mahloko a ka maleng, le mekhoa ea ho a qoba



“Likhalase tse khethehilen” (The Special Glasses) is a quest story about diarrhoea and sickness. The book was co-created with a group of children and their educators from The Paleng Children's Centre in Lesotho. The book features the same group of child characters as in our other books plus ZuZu and ZaZa too. Putting on the special glasses enables the children to see clearly many of the problems in the family and the community that are leading to diarrhoea and sickness. By the end of the quest the children feel empowered to do what they can to take action! This storybook is aimed at children aged 9-14 and for children of this age to read to younger children. In the back of the book there are lots of questions and fun activities for teachers and older children to use.