هذا الكتاب غير متوفر حاليا للقراءة بدون إتصال بالإنترنت.


مكتوب بواسطة Stanley Gazemba
نُشر بواسطة Imbada Publishers

When Khama’s father dies following injuries incurred during an elephant hunt, a huge responsibility is transferred to Khama as the first-born son. Further still the old man, who is a respected tribal spokesman and decision-maker, has already seen the leadership qualities in young Khama, and he prepares him to inherit the role in his dying words to the young man. But taking over leadership from the current chief of the Amakonko tribe is not going to be without challenge, the chief’s weaknesses notwithstanding. Khama has to flee to the hills and assemble an elite fighting squad and fight for the throne. The story is inspired by the legend of Shaka Zulu and was shortlisted for the inaugural Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize.