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She's Building a Robot: A STEM Novel

٦ – كتب روائية متقدمة


مكتوب بواسطة Mick Liubinskas
نُشر بواسطة Mango Publishing Group

Smart and strong is the new pretty. In this funny, action-packed story about STEM for kids, the talented AZ finds herself in a robot-building competition. Can she use girl power to overcome crashes, explosions, and hackers to beat the school bully and three-time champ? With the help of her quirky friends, Li and 10, AZ's team builds a feisty robot named Ada. Together, they work hard, solve puzzles, grow in confidence, and learn the importance of friendship and collaboration.

This book was written to raise awareness about the challenges faced by women in science and engineering. She's Building a Robot celebrates voices from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. More importantly, it gives girls in science the opportunity to relate to strong, brave, smart characters.